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    A China Economist with 6 years of experience in policy and macro research, specialized in investment strategy and economic analysis, strong in drafting reports and op-ed articles, excel at communication and coordination



    United Nations Secretariat

    9/2016 - 11/2016

    经济事务实习分析师 | 全球经济监测中心,经济与社会事务部 | 纽约

    Economic Affairs Intern | Department of Economic and Social Affairs | New York


    •    分析宏观经济金融数据,预测全球经济走势,研究并解释国际经济和金融重大事件的影响,监测国家经济表现与风险, 协助准备《2017 世界经济形势与展望》报告,为联合国秘书处和会员国提供研究支持与政策建议
    • Working    in    Global    Economic    Monitoring    Center,    assisting    in    forecasting    key    trends    of    world    economy,    analyzing    topical    issues    in    international    macroeconomics    and    finance,    monitoring    economic    performance    and    risks    of    countries,    and    providing    policy    recommendations    for    member    countries  


    China Minsheng Investment

    3/2015 - 6/2015

    投资实习分析师| 集团总设计室| 北京

    Investment Analyst Intern | Strategy Planning and Management Department | Beijing

    •    为集团投资进行宏观研究与战略分析,评估中国“一带一路”相关的海外投资机会,为集团股东(大民营企业)“走出去” 提供研究支持与建议咨询
    •    负责“一带一路” 有关国家政策与宏观风险研究报告,分析经济增长率(潜力)、 GDP 与人口(规模)、人口结构和资源禀赋、产业发展、 战略规划、政治风险、外交政策等众多重要因素,全面评估具体国家的投资机会与风险
    • Conducted investment analysis for CMI Group, wrote reports on oversea investment opportunities brought by China’s initiative to build the Silk Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, provided suggestions to serve shareholders’ globalization
    • Conducted country-level analysis, analyzing opportunities and risks, looked at key facts including growth rate(potential), GDP and population(scale), demographic features and resource endowments, market demand and industry development, national planning of infrastructure construction, political risks, and diplomatic policies


    7/2012 - 8/2014

    研究员| 中国研究中心 | 香港

    Research Analyst | China Research Center | Hong Kong

    •    从产业发展和土地市场演进两大关键领域进行中国经济增长模式分析, 实地调研众多企业和政府部门,与相关行业协会、企业和政府部门负责人交流研讨,收集一手资料数据,构建系统分析框架,对珠三角地区经济增长进行深度分析
    •    协助研究院资深研究员如沈联涛、肖耿等充分发展并执行研究项目,起草撰写宏观经济金融分析文章, 发表于金融时报、财经、财新、香港信报、 Project Syndicate 等重要媒体
    • 负责维护与国内经济学家、政府部门和企业客户的联系, 包括国家发改委宏观研究院、国开行、 中国人民银行等;筹划组织高层次大型会议与小型内部研讨会在香港、北京、珠三角等地召开, 邀请政府决策者、专家学者与研究合作伙伴,发布研究成果,扩大机构影响;为企业客户和政府提供高质量研究支持与咨询服务
    • Produced research reports on China’s growth model from the perspective of industry development and evolution of land market,organized field trips and enterprise survey, discussed with related government departments and industry associations, collected
      and analyzed economic data, built holistic framework to analyze regional growth in depth
    • Assisted senior research fellows to fully develop and execute research projects and published in top media including Financial Times, Caixin, Caijing, HKEJ and Project Syndicate
    • Planned and organized high-profile conference and seminars in Hong Kong, Beijing and South China to disseminate research findings, provided advices for corporate partners and policymakers, and bring insightful feedbacks into analysis


    China Research Center for Rural Finance

    7/2009 - 3/2012

    研究助理| 中国社科基金重大课题 | 北京

    Research Assistant | Projects funded by National Social Science Fund of China | Beijing

    •    项目 1:中国金融解决“三农”问题的历史经验研究( 1949-2009) ,设计调查问卷,深入分析大量调研数据并构建计量模型,检验金融支持对农业、农村和农户的历史影响
    •    项目 2:大型商业银行服务“三农”对策研究,结合国际比较研究,为商业银行更好服务三农提供研究支持和咨询
    • Project 1: Historical Effect of China’s Financial Support of Development on Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Household, designed
      questionnaires, processed significant amounts of data and built econometric models to test the impact of financial support
    • Project 2: Large Commercial Banks and their strategies serving Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Households, collected and
      analyzed data, did comparative study of other countries to provide recommendations for banks to better serve rural markets


    10/2009 - 3/2012

    研究助理| 能源研究室| 北京

    Research Assistant | Department of Energy Research | Beijing

    •    分析比较各国能源消费、 环境污染与经济增长数据,研究历史上能源使用与经济发展的关系趋势,撰写三篇中国从能源角度追求绿色发展的研究报告( 作为三本书的章节出版),为产业和政府提供政策建议
    • Collected and compared data of energy consumption, pollution and economic growth of different countries, analyzed historical
      patterns of energy usage in development, wrote research reports, and provided suggestions for business and policy makers
  • Education

    纽约大学 Stern 商学院

    NYU Stern School of Business


    访问学者| 纽约 (中美区域创新差异影响因素研究)

    Visiting Scholar |New York (Regional Innovation in US and China)

    Renmin University of China


    经济学博士生|北京 (中国区域创新差异影响因素研究)

    PhD in Economics | Beijing (The Originate of Regional Innovation)


    Beijing Normal University




    Master in Economics |Beijing


    Beijing Normal University



    Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Science